Boys day out in Glencoe

By Peter

Matt,rich and myself (Pedro) went for a day up to glencoe,the plan was the gorms or west,we decided the Coe and go for dorsal arĂȘte,grade 2.big rich picked me up at 7.10 with Matt in lovely Dumbarton and we hammered up west along the beautiful Loch Lomond on a fairly calm clearish day with me getting a little travel sick (we cars :@) Matt swapped seats with me.forecast in the area was heavy snow and freeze level at 950 m.we arrived in the Coe at 9 and hit the long slog up the path to corrie nan lochan,with the big legs of rich setting the pace 🙂 we hit the snow line at roughly 900 metres faces a bit red and lungs working,canny beat it.the mountain was all white and looking beautiful,we got ready at bottom of the arĂȘte and started the scramble,rich was off first then Matt I went up a direct approach from the guys and got a move that if I committed then it went wrong I would have been fucked lol got the guys to throw me the rope down and tied in for safety,then done the move and caught up with the troops,big reeecko led the way,with the silky moves off Matt at the back.we got to the crux and rich got on the lead and after some arĂȘte humping/sliding he was over and I followed with a tricky move on the arĂȘte got your money's worth of a g2.matt flew over it.biys all shook hands and summitted the mountain with a big happy shout out from Pedro feeling good to alive.we navigated our way round to bidean nan biam and done into the lost valley for a well deserved late lunch,with talk of favourite pieces (peanut butter and Nutella) got out dew point and started rain loved the rain on my face 🙂 popped over the burn down to the car,out for 7 hours and first winter scramble and first lead for Matt after a couple of year,good day and very uplifting,keep coming back hehe