Rock and Winter Climbing

Rock and Winter Climbing is one of the core sports we do as a club depending on the time of year and the conditions. Our non-winter meets are often at venues with a choice of single pitch or multi-pitch. Members often arrange climbing trips outside the official meets list, in the UK and abroad.


Climbing and Cragging Skills Required

You don't need to have climbed before to become a member, though for roped climbing you are required to be a competent belayer and second.   Don't fret if you don't have much experience as we welcome new members and offer advice on how to learn the skills you need. However please note we are not a training or guiding organisation, and cannot provide direct training. For winter, the demand on skills is much more intense, come along to our week day meets and we can discuss how you can achieve the skills you need.


Weekday cragging information and Topos

We have a list of the local crags that we visit on Wednesday evenings during good weather. Decisions on crag location are discussed on the Wednesday during the day to ensure the best location for the forecast. During poor weather, we will typically visit to Glasgow Climbing Centre.

We have also started a Topo project for crags, these are free for public use and feedback is welcome.

Auchinstarry Quarry

Neilston Quarry & Topo

The Whangie

Loudoun Hill

Ben A'an

Dumbarton Rock