Braedownie Hut meet, Glen Clova, September 2019

By Cameron

The meet at Braedownie offered LMC members the last chance to get out in the pishing rain before it turned cold, and as a consequence - we had an excellent turn out.
Lorna drove myself, Stewart and Cat, and kept us all on the edge of our seats playing the petrol game and exiting motorways like Colin Macrae. Once we arrived at Braedownie mansion we were introduced to a large number of unfamiliar faces, but they did not remain unfamiliar for long as we indulged in a few bevs and shared tales of epic adventures until late that night.

The next morning we awoke to find the rain bouncing and the river creeping ever closer.
Lee and Rob disappeared on their mountain bikes. Lorna, Cat, Jack, Paddy, Holly, Steven, Sam, and Colin all went off to bag some munros.


Myself and Stewart, aficionados of sawanobori (the art of climbing flowing waterfalls) made the short trek to the base of lower doonie. We managed a couple of routes. One of which an accidental FA.

(Cameron’s Muddy Crack **** HVV (Hard Very Vegetated) - Little to no gear unless you take ice screws to drill into the mud. Lovely top out face first through a gorse bush)


Everyone made it back to the hut in the afternoon just as the sun was breaking through. The kit was given a minimal amount of time to dry then round two kicked off. Myself, Rob, Colin, Stewart, Lorna and Cat headed for Kirrie hill- a very decent sport crag near a nice playpark for Lorna. Steven, Paddy and Jack went for some trad, and Sam went for a run.

That night the LMC feeder outdone herself. Lorna treated all of us to a fantastic homecooked meal. A cracking curry and a weird but wonderful ‘self creaming’ dessert. Just what the doctor ordered after a long day in the outdoors and very much appreciated!

The next day brought fine weather. Harry, Ruth, Lorna, Colin, Rob, Cat, Stewart and myself all paired off and raced to the base of Red Craig for a day of trad. Steven, Paddy, Jack and Sam went for sport in Kirriemuir. A cracking day to end a cracking meet.