CIC Meet

By Lisa

Seems fitting to write this report tonight under my duvet when this time last week we were slogging up the path in the rain and pitch black to reach the CIC hut. I travelled up with Lorna, Michael and Susan but because Michael took so long doing his hair we left late and didn't arrive at the north face car park until 9.30pm. The long walk up was worth it, we were met by the rest of the gang and it sounds like poor tom and Pete got the worst of the rain on their walk in earlier that day. The evening was spent buzzing about our plans for the next day. The boys left early in the morning to tackle Raeburns Arete before North East Buttress, Karin, Kev, Chris and Martin did North East Buttress and myself, Lorna, Susan, Danny and Mr President set out to conquer the infamous Tower ridge. Despite good forecast the mist came in quite quickly making climbing a bit trickier with slippy, wet rock (though perhaps not having great visibility as we got higher up the ridge was a good thing). The climb was good despite us taking a wrong turn and venturing onto what I was convinced was no longer a Diff Grade. Thankfully we got back on track, shimmied our way up the tunnel (gracefully as ever) and made our way unsuspectingly to the ledge and then the gap!! Some interesting techniques were used here but we made it to the other side still smiling (sort of) though we did have a few choice words for Michael at that point for suggesting the climb 🙂 Huge well done to Susan who did this as her first ever outdoor climb .... awesome lady! Needless to say we were pleased to reach the summit (not for the first time Michael!!!) and we were looking forward to some food and Lornas homemade banana bread! Good to get back and see the rest of the troops and hear about their day, great chat over dinner and there was even some tango dancing!! (not just climbing talents in the club lol) It was great to see Floreine, Alika and Pola who is absolutely adorable and destined to be a mini adventurer! The next morning saw Tom and Pete head back out for another days climbing (not sure if you made you ambitious timing to be home by 7pm lol)but the rest of us headed out to the steall bridge and waterfall in Glen Nevis which was really beautiful, surrounded by the sight of the climbs we had mastered the day before, visibility was great but wind very high so perhaps enjoying the view from a low level was he better choice. Was nice to see so many people at this meet, missed you guys who couldn't make it but hope everyone is looking forward to the next meet where we get to do this madness all over again 🙂