Hot rock in Sicily

Sharp unpolished bolted limestone.....Blissful!
Hot Hot Hot! sun shine & dry! One mile of bolted crag behind us and the sea in front, a great setting. lovely brand new & great quality routes on sharp unpolished bolted limestone. 7 days of climbing with the 'Fat boys climbing club' (my Huddersfield climbing mates), grade pushing, ice cream eating (a theme seems to be developing in my trip reports!), pizza consuming, wine drinking & a wee bit of snorkeling to cool off! totaly Blissfull. not to mention the extroidinarily long walk-in's.....of a max 10 mins from door to crag! We were all climbing really well & i finally pushed through the 6a rock lead barrier, which i am really chuffed about, and this first 6a route was by no means not a soft touch! as my mates discovered.

well worth a trip out there, so check out Jim Titt's web site for the Al Bahir topo (NW Sicily). jim owns a bolt manufacturing company and bolts all the routes & then uploads the topo's for us to download for free.....what a very lovely man 🙂

Cheers Helen