The Cobbler, Summer Solstice on a Sunny Thursday

By Lorna,

In comparison to the boys hike the night before Julie and I went up the night after, on the actual summer solstice!!! (those boys were just that bit premature and over eager ?

It was a beautiful walk in and great catch up as I don’t think either of us drew breath ? I know shocking isn’t it! bet you are all surprised as we are both such quiet wee things?

We scrambled up the front path and saw the skies change from clear beautiful blue skies (without a drop of rain or hail boys!) to beautiful bright orange skies and see the sun setting over the mountains. We were intending to thread the needle but the wind had picked up by then and we didn’t fancy our chances… time!!!

Coming back down the front face made for a quicker decent and drive home as it was still a school night ? the skies were still light on the way down so we didn’t even need the head torches.

All in all a great wee night.