Alex MacIntyre Meet, October 2019

The meet held just north of Glencoe was a well-attended affair with a full Alex MacIntyre Memorial hut. The events began with the usual endeavour of trying not ending up in a room with Danny, to make sure you got a quiet night’s sleep. Soon enough the usual evening’s entertainment of meeting new members, sharing stories and planning for the weekend where well underway.

The Saturday comprised of one group doing the Ring of Steall route, a loop of four Munros along some enjoyable ridges. Steve lead Ruth, Emma, Jesse and Edda around the challenging terrain. A pleasant day with some strong winds and some rain but otherwise an excellent outing. Another group made up of Colin, Danny, Cat and Orazio headed to Ardnamurchan for some climbing, this involved taking the ferry over but was well worth the trip. The weather was fine and a good number of route completed. Otherwise folks went for scrambling or for shorter walks.


The headline feature of the weekend must have been the Saturday night meal, cooked by new member Dorota. The stew was appreciated by all, even if she had cooked enough to feed an entire highland regiment.

The Sunday was looking wet in the afternoon, many headed up to the Pollldibh in Glen Nevis. The climbs could best be described as greasy, with decisions based on whether to climb a route being debated for some time before someone gave in a lead the route. x