Glencoe Burns Supper Meet 2020

Lagangarbh Burns Supper Meet Report by Michael

This was the 3rd Annual Burns Supper Meet and was by all means over attended with 23 members taking the short hop up the A82 to Glencoe and the wonderfully situated Lagangarbh Hut. Cameron and I were on security duties on the drive up with Lorna , protecting the cargo of "live " Haggis for the Supper. There was plan for some of the wealthier members to meet at the dearest chippie in Scotland for some food, I had failed to check the posts so opted for a pint instead.We eventually arrived to a lively and warm Hut and after getting all the food and gear sorted settled by the fire for a catch up and planned the day ahead.

It was quite a lively night in the billet I was sleeping in , there seemed to be a rush for the toilet around 2.30am and thereafter the chorus of snorers almost in tune together practising there routines for the Saturday night.

Saturday saw everyone up early and eager to see what the weather had in store, Holly, Ruth, Ali and Helen headed of the Mamores to tackle some Munroes. Lee went even further afield with a quick jaunt up number 3 gully of Ben Nevis ! Florian and Polla headed up the Hidden Belly!!! Richard and Guy did some winter skills around the Wee Bookle. Jules, Fabiola, Otta and Lorna set off for the Big Bookle. Steve, Jack and Emma climbed Curved Ridge and continued over the Bookle to its other Munro meeting some of the others on the way. Harry, Jesse, Cameron, Stewart and myself climbed up a very wet and cold North Buttress. It was pretty wild on the summit and ridge we were glad to get to the bealach and drop down ( with a 300 metre bum slide ) the coire to the hut. Tom had to retreat from a scramble at the back of the hut as it was soaking wet.

Copious amounts of tea was consumed back at the Hut as we awaited the arrivals of the various teams reliving tales of their arduous adventures and misdemeanours . Jules fared worst with gust of wind blowing his glasses clean of his face into the valley below! With everyone accounted for Lorna and her gang of helpers got down to chopping, peeling boiling and Timing the feast about to be devoured. And then it began, little Polla carried in the Glorious Haggis to a hungry baying mob. It was duly traditionally Addressed,and carved then served al la Natcho, absolutely delicious great choice Lorna. Desert was served then another lot of Lorna,s helpers got the washing done before we settled down to celibate Burns in a series of fantastic performances !

We had traditional Burns both spoken and sung

We had poems about deer tracks and paths

Renditions from countries like Iceland and Spain

And a children's song sung by Polla ( the wean )

A climbers account of some terrible route

some Welsh song from out of the Rhonda

Bavarian bar chants there never dull

And a fantastic rendition of Sam the Scull

we had an attempt at co ordinate d dancing

That didnt quite go to plan

But best of the night was the screech of delight

From Jack when Richard sang he

About taking him up the Whangie



A fantastic night was had by all. Next day the weather was poor, I was heading home early and a few where having leisurely days on the way home. The fun wasn't finished though, getting the cars up to the road became a bit problematic. It was all hands on deck to help Jules unstuck himself from the mud and once the anonymous car was moved we eventua



lly all got on our way !! A very big thank you to ALL who attended and took part in a fantastic night which is fast becoming the highlight of our annual calendar.