CIC MEET, April 2018

Brilliant meet at the CIC hut. Many routes in good condition while blue skies also making an appearance. The club teams tackled many classic routes such as Comb Gulley, Italian Climb, CMD Arete amongst others.  You can read about Tom and Flo's big day out on the CMD Arete here.

Top memorable moments from the CIC Meet:
Wading in loose powder snow in Gardyloo Gulley for 3 hours getting nowhere, while watching others have a great time on classic routes.

Physically grappling with your sleeping partner's ankle through his sleeping bag at 5am to wake him so you can both be first on the route only to realise, after much pleading to be left alone, that it's the wrong person.

Agreeing sincerely with the hut elders on a discussion regarding the recklessness of those who purchase second hand climbing equipment, while not mentioning that the only new equipment that you own in your entire ensemble are your socks.

Eventually deciding against putting your sole entry into the SMC log book as the walk-in from the car park.

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